Thursday, 3 January 2008

Board senseless

One of the BBC's recent decisions - in the "less sensible" category - was to downgrade its website sport discussion boards some months ago... so that we are now confronted with the legendarily naff 606 Debate area. Or not, if we have any sense. What it achieved, I gather, was an economy that kept Jonathan Ross safe on his £16 million remuneration, as he'd have really missed that 500 odd quid they saved. Anyway, "out of sheer interest", as they say (though I realise it's no defence), I happened to click on the Add your views, reports and player profiles to the Dumbarton section of My Sport link while on the My Team page. Yup, it gets you through to a browse file proudly announcing "Page1 of 0 for Berwick scottish football" (a mathematically challenged proposition), before adding, in helpful explanatory mode: "No articles have been described using this word or combination of words." So fret not, your license fee is safe.


freeluncher said...

Hey man, nice blog. It's good to see the Sons getting the attention they deserve! As I am currently living doon in Plymouth, the least I say about your flirtation with Exeter City the better - *spit*
C'mon the Sons!


Simon Barrow said...

Thanks, freeluncher - and I like the anti-war stuff on your site. :) As for the Exeter-Plymouth rivalry, I really couldn't care less, frankly. I saw Argyll at home once last season, against Southend. I imagine if we'd have moved there, I'd be watching them as they'd be the local team. But Exeter does me fine. Anyway, as you say, 'Mon Sons!