Monday, 20 August 2007

Sons' fantasy football

The Herald newspaper would appear to be a mite less than impressed with the Sons’ triumphant idea to capitalise on our intimate knowledge of our own team. Is there just no romance left in their souls? Plus they’ve missed out on the main point, which is, of course, to test fans’ knowledge against that of their manager. I predict a raging success... of sorts. And a graveyard for the cynics.

“Our lower league clubs face a constant struggle to survive. Paltry attendances, little sponsorship revenue, no marketing income ... the need for innovative new plans to boost revenues has never been more essential.
“But to be honest, we’re not sure
Dumbarton and East Stirlingshire’s latest wheezes are really the answer to all their problems.

“Third division side Dumbarton have launched a fantasy football game on their website. Not a bad idea, except the only team you can pick players from is ... Dumbarton.”

The Shire’s idea, lest you should wonder, is the less-than-guaranteed money spinner that is Shire TV. Hmmnn... On the other hand, they’ve beaten us twice so far this season. So I’d better shut up.

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