Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Beckham insurance shocker

This fabulous story on poor old Becks is from peerless US satirical magazine The Onion. "L.A. Galaxy club officials said Monday that, under the terms of the insurance policy intended to protect their $250 million investment in star midfielder David Beckham, they would under no circumstances permit the high-priced Beckham to play soccer for them ever again." Hat-tip to my esteemed brother-in-law, Kevin Roth, down in Denver, Colorado, for spotting this one. Mind you, nothing could quite top the unintended satire of the cable TV show 'The Beckhams Arrive in America', which I watched, open-mouthed, when in the US last month (July 2007). Perhaps the best moment was when Posh expressed surprise that a vehicle registration agency photo couldn't be touched up, and said that her (filmed) detention for a traffic offence in LA had mainly been traumatic "because I was wearing flat shoes when I got out of the car". A veritable fashion disaster! No wonder David kept himself out of the camera's way for most of the first programme.

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