Saturday, 25 August 2007

Overpaid and over here?

Most people think top footballers should be given a substantial pay cut, a survey for the Fabian Society says. While the UK's (read England's) best-paid soccer players earn millions a year, the poll found people think that, on average, they should be paid just £62,000. The think tank spoke to a representative sample 3,000 people. At the other end of the pay scale, respondents said that experienced hospital nurses should get a pay rise, from the current typical salary of £21,985 to £33,000. The survey follows on from the excellent work done by Noreena Hertz with her May Day For Nurses campaign, which persuaded half of all English Premier League players and managers to give up a day's pay to assist hospital workers' quest for a just wage through a hardship fund. Donations are still welcome. [Pic: Noreena with players from Reading last season]

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