Saturday, 25 December 2010

A personal Winter break

Well, happy Christmas and New Year, one and all!  2010 has ended with yet another enforced football Winter break. Dumbarton supporters have not seen their team in action since 20 November, the Boxing Day match is off, and I wouldn't hold my breath over 2 or 8 January, frankly. We'll see. I say 'we', but actually I mean 'you', since part of my beginning to 2011 will be spent in Ghana. A Winter break of my very own - and one that's set to be sweltering.

The Ghanaians gained the hearts of many at the last World Cup, and though it isn't any formal part of my visit I intend to follow up any football leads that present themselves during my brief sojourn in West Africa. See you at the next game thereafter. Whenever that may be. (There will also be much to be done in 2011 as far as the Sonstrust is concerned, and I'm honoured to have been elected to the Trust board to assist with that.)


Fr Kenny said...

This is bad news for my own West African team in the Gambia. Just had a plea from them for more Son's jerseys!

Simon Barrow said...

Don't worry, Kenny: there's plenty of love to go round, and West African solidarity is important. I saw that first-hand. Besides, I thought you were proselytising for Thistle? Or are you beginning to see that a Rock is better than a hard place? ;) x