Monday, 20 December 2010

Get yer tips out for the lads!

Yeah, I know, a dead dodgy allusion -- but it got your attention, and it's offered in a definitely anti-sexist spirit, dripping with seasonal irony!  Anyway, the truth is, too many of the people who run Scottish football are (old) lads... and they definitely need your tips, whatever your genes or gender. To be specific, the Sonstrust (Dumbarton's democratic provident society, part of the fine Supporters' Direct, which has a stake in running the club) is wanting to canvass as wide a range of supporter opinion as possible about the 'reconstruction' plans. Then the idea is to get people involved in calling those involved in influencing outcomes in response to the McLeish Report (specifically DFC, the SFA and the SFL) to account and to dialogue. There’s never been a more important time for fans to stand together, to make a thoughtful and passionate response, and to ensure that changes to the future of our game benefit the many and not just the few. Click the 'comment button' at the end of this short article. If you're not a Dumbarton fan (astonishingly, there are such odd creatures out there, I realise...) then the SD questionnaire could be just the place for you to contribute. Indeed, it's already starting to be noticed.

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