Saturday, 23 January 2010

Travellin' man (or maybe not)

Having moved recently to the West Midlands, I've been mulling where I might watch some football in between saving for trips to Dumbarton. I doubt that I'll be a regular anywhere, mind. But I do get itchy without live games. TV just isn't the same. In Exeter I was spoiled by being only a 20-minute walk from the Grecians' ground and being able to buy walk-up tickets. In Birmingham it's a bit more tricky if you don't run a car.

I'll visit the Blues at some point, for sure. Eck is doing a great job. Birmingham City are three miles away from my house. That's about 50 minutes if I fancy a brisk walk, or a shortish bus trip. Aston Villa are six miles out and slightly less accessible. Wolves are tempting, too. They play in similar colours to the Sons, after all! Getting there is not complicated, but it's still a ten minute walk, 25 minutes on the bus, 23 minutes on the train and another 15 minute walk, plus transport waiting times. That amounts to the best part of a three-hour round trip.

The side I'd be most inclined to see from time-to-time are Coventry City, for whom I've had sympathetic feelings over the years. I went to Highfield Road a couple of times in the '80s, but the new Ricoh Arena (pictured) looks a pain to get to. It has to be said that the Sky Blues have excellent ticketing arrangements and reasonable prices, but the link on their website to match day buses is broken, and when you search their are no details. Besides, even after I've got to Coventry station (walk, bus, train) it's another two buses or a bus and a walk, and plenty of queuing after the game, I'll wager. The official arena site just advises a taxi -- though on a match day that would be a fair bit more than their optimistic £8+.

Still, I'm tempted by the visit of Nottingham Forest to Coventry on Tuesday 9 February... and let's face it, if this was all it took to get to see Dumbarton regularly I'd be absolutely delighted! But that's the difference between supporting a team and just enjoying a game.


Jane said...

And not a mention of dear old West Brom - the dear departed DOn Yapp my chemistry teacher would be disappointed in you.

Simon Barrow said...

Good point... I should check out the Baggies. Not sure I've ever seen them 'live' before.

the tomahawk kid said...

So many Sons links to Wolves means you should probably make the tortuous journey.

- Same Subbuteo set in the old days
- Wolves CEO Jez Moxey used to work for the Sons (purely coincidentally when he left Big Rab's answering machine which was used for the trailblazing Sons Hotline allegedly vanished)
- until recently ex Sons defender Neil Collins was a Wolves player

I think someone is trying to tell you something!