Sunday, 25 October 2009

Life's a beach, then United fry

So Liverpool managed to win 2-0 in spite of my backing. And a gritty game it was, too. Mind you, at the beginning of the second half I commented to some fellow pub watchers that if I'd wagered on this one it would have been for a nil-nil draw. As Fernando Torres struck, magnificently, I thought to myself: "That's why I don't bet!"

The pre-match festivities saw the Anfield pitch festooned with balloons and beach balls -- from the Kop end. Manchester United fans had threatened to bring the offending items to celebrate Sunderland's extraordinary goal-that-shouldn't-have been last week. But Liverpool said they'd search away supporters before they entered the ground. So instead they satisfied themselves with Eric Cantona masks to settle a much bigger score. Weird old game, football.

As well as taking three points this afternoon, Liverpool have now struck lucky in selling out those £10 'beach sets' from the club shop. Just when the winter is about to set in. I think it's called 'having the last laugh'.

Right, I'm off to watch Ken Loach's 'Looking for Eric' on DVD, while my friend Kevin Scully texts me from West Ham, who were pulling back from an early pasting from stylish Arsenal last I heard. Then it's back to some work.

I've been gently chided by Kenny Macaulay, Dumbarton's inimitably colourful (Partick Thistle supporting!) 'Piscie priest for not heralding Sons' glorious first home win at the Rock yesterday yet. Don't worry, Kenny, a full update will follow. And a bit about Gambia, too. See you in the First Division next season, eh?

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