Friday, 24 July 2009

Not giving the goals away

One of the beauties of the internet, as distinct from the harsh reality of print journalism (where I was reared many moons ago), is that you can re-write your mistakes rather easily. Erasing, for example, the fact that you - OK, I - may have recently penned a couple of posts and a programme note alleging that Partick Thistle beat the mighty Dumbarton 3-0. They did no such thing. It was two only, and that was a flattering judgement on the men in pink and grey, as ex-Jag Stevie Murray ran rings round them in the first half. I know, I know Kenny.... that's only part of the story. But the Sons have given away enough goals in our pre-season without me adding to the tally!

Talking of Stevie (pictured, celebrating yet another goal), I had a brief word with him in the SHS community suite after the St Mirren game. Nice guy, and clearly enjoying his time with the Sons. The cries of "Come back, Stevie" from the Thistle faithful are going to fall on deaf ears, though he clearly and rightly has plenty of respect for his former employers. Anyway, he was looking forward (somewhat ruefully) to the Middlesbrough challenge. And his assessment was right!

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Fr Kenny said...

Yes. Stevie is still a star, and there are some of us who would have him back anytime!