Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Living (in) the dream

Not much has been going right for freshly-relegated Southampton of late - by definition, I suppose: though the twists and turns at St Mary's (see link at the beginning) have been extreme, even by football's well-developed standards of the bizarre. But there's always moments of glory from the past for their fans to dwell upon for inspiration, I suppose. I saw famed ex-manager Lawrie Mcmenemy on the train recently. He's still looking chipper, I'm glad to report. Meanwhile, my friend Mary Houston (who has the same kind of interest in the Beautiful Game as I have in... well, things I don't like) is about to move into a block of flats named in honour of Saints' attacking legend turned-race-horse-mogul Mick Channon. The Dell, Southampton. There's an address to remind you of Pompey and circumstance. Kind of. I wonder if her kitchen has a mullet on the wall?

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