Friday, 8 May 2009

The biggest party of the year

Now, where was I? Ah, yes. Preparing for what, for all Dumbarton fans, will be a wonderful day at Galabank tomorrow, as we (hopefully) end the season with a victory over Annan Athletic, and then -- almost whatever happens here or with East Stirling -- collect the Irn Bru Scottish Football League Division Three winner's trophy. I was too young to get to the '71-72 Second Division championship decider, and I was out of the country when we lifted the title again in '91-92, so this is a 'first' in my lifetime. And very, very special it is, too. When you support a small (read: real) football team, such occasions are rare delights and absolutely not to be missed. Transport providers and other logistical factors, please note! 

Meanwhile, I still haven't processed my mobile phone photos from last Saturday's 6-0 decisive and stunning  triumph over Elgin, or my reflections from that momentous day, and afternoon, and evening... and early morning. But they will follow, together with some more wonderful memories from 9 May 2009, I trust. Goodness, I'm well into my anecdotage already. The really good thing about being on the cusp of triumph for a whole week, with a virtually unassailable 18-goal difference, is that you get two huge bites at the celebratory cherry.  An uncomplicated outright win wouldn't have allowed that in quite the same way. 

Sadly, as I am committed to a rail 'away day' from Birmingham, I shall not be around when the  squad return to the Strathclyde Homes Stadium in the evening after being officially crowned Third Division Champions. There will be a bus tour, a Your Radio special, and yet another party. But Andy Galloway interviewed me, along with other ex-pats, on the phone for the Lennox Herald earlier today. So I might make it to the 'final cut'. That matters little compared to the shared celebrations. But it's good to be just a tiny part of football history, even so. 

[Photos (c) Donald Fullarton... please give him your business. The top one of Dumbarton captain Gordon Lennon and his baby is a particular gem.]

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