Monday, 4 February 2008

Dahn the O's with Kev the Rev

Yup, that's me lurking on the far left of this fine picture snapped at the end of last year at Leyton Orient FC, by club photographer Simon O'Connor. My friend Kevin Scully (to my right in a huge red scarf) is Rector of St Matthew's Anglican Church, Bethnal Green, and a huge O's fan. (You kinda have to put the apostrophe in to make that abbreviation work, even though it's superfluous.) I really should have been wearing my Dumbarton colours, huh? The rest of the crew are parish servers who were "manager's sponsors" for the game on 22 December 2007 - plus Kevin's relatives from Oz. The Aussie A League is a bit more elevated than English League 2, frankly, and this one was a slightly grim affair: a 0-0 draw against Yeovil, who are an hour down the road from where I live in Devon, as it happens. Still, we had a great day. I was up for Advent 4. I'm next at Orient on 23 February, with Kevin and my colleague Jonathan Bartley. Jon will be in disguise, as he's a Nottingham Forest supporter, and the O's are going to get stuffed by Cloughie's ghost, I reckon. I shall adopt a studied neutrality by sitting on the fence ... with a cuppa. Incidentally, 'Rev Kev', described as "an old acquaintance and one of our most notorious fans" by prolific and erudite O-Net Weblog scribe Cobra, got chucked out of the home end for cheering an O's goal at Brentford on an away trip to Griffin Park last year. It's earned him quite a few Brownie points down at Brisbane Road. What an odd bunch we are, eh? At least none of us are revved up Cheslea fans. Phew! [Photo with acknowledgements to the photographer, LOFC and St Matt's]

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