Wednesday, 12 September 2007

We can dare to dream

It's half-time in Paris as I start to write, and Scotland are drawing nin-nil with France in the European Championship qualifiers. 'Mon guys! [Update: 1-0 Scotland in the 61st minute. I'm rubbing my eyes... and now can't bear to look; well, reload the web screen, actually. 21.46: Alex McLeish has taken a leaf out of the Sir Alex Ferguson school of management and is masticating furiously on some gum, says the Beeb. Sir Alex is probably doing likewise up in the stands. 21.48: Two minutes to go plus time added on... this is unbearable.] YESSSS!!!! 21.53: FULL-TIME France 0-1 Scotland. Absolutely incredible. Words fail... Full report by By Thomas McGuigan. "They have talent and they also have a soul, a passion that we saw in the first match and in other games", said France coach Raymond Domenech on Scotland at the press conference yesterday. Now the sceptics will know he was right.

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