Monday, 10 September 2007

Raising the Rock

This coming Saturday (15 September 2007) Dumbarton entertain Stenhousemuir at the Strathclyde Homes Stadium - as part of a weekend of activities under the umbrella of Raise the Rock, an initiative to further strengthen relations between the football club and the local community. As I'm able to combine it with some work and domestic commitments, I'll be making the 364-mile trek from Exeter to be there... and also for the home game a week later, just before I return to the south west.

The Sons Supporters Trust, who along with the club and the local Lennox newspaper, are promoting the game, believe that increased attendances are one of the keys to a healthy future at DFC. There's more on the Supporters Direct site blog.

Trust director Stephen Lynch commented on the DFC website: "The ability of the club to prosper has many deciding factors. The performance of the team on the pitch is a critical one and equally what the fans can contribute is vital.

"Dumbarton FC are West Dunbartonshire's community club and our Raise the Rock days are intended to showcase what facilities we have on offer at Strathclyde Homes Stadium.

"West Dunbartonshire is a growing area which has 80,000 residents on its doorstep. So apart from a winning team what is it that really keeps the paying public from our matches? It is never easy to come up with the ultimate answer but one that should come up high on our list is the match day experience. And at Raise the Rock we can let people see what we have."

[Pic (c) DFC]

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