Saturday, 14 May 2011

Shame among the prawn sandwiches

A corporate sponsor speaks...
So the FA Cup Final second half has begun, and nearly two-thirds of the executive and corporate hospitality seats are empty. Total respect to ITV commentator Clive Tyldesley for having a real dig at them, and pointing out that while they are disrespectfully ignoring the purpose of the event in order to do another business deal, stuff another prawn sandwich, or neck another drink... thousands of true football fans would have given their right arms to have their tickets.

In many respects, this kind of unedifying spectacle epitomises the problem of football in the top flight(s). It is run and funded for the benefit of those who aren't that bothered (except by status and money), while real supporters often have to make do with crumbs from the table, and people like the EPL's exceptionally well-paid  Richard Scudamore look on smugly at their "brand".

Mind you, prawn sandwiches aren't much of a temptation for me, I have to confess. I'm veggie. Not that I'd miss a second of any game for even the tastiest morsel. 'Aye, sad-sack. (Ooh, Mario Balotelli's throwing a hissy-fit for Manchester City, Stoke's free kick has been scrambled away, Carlos Tevez has missed, and it's end-to-end stuff. That's more like it. 'Mon Stoke!

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