Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sons can thrive again, says Coyle

First published in Sons View, 09 April 2011, Dumbarton -v- Peterhead

Ex-Dumbarton stalwart Owen Coyle, one of a trio of brothers who inspired Sons on the pitch in the 1980s, is now plying his managerial trade in the English Premier League – as high-profile boss of Bolton Wanderers.

But earlier this month he took time out for a trip down memory lane (including reminiscences of Boghead Park, and playing with Sons in the Premier Division) by talking to the Dumbarton & Vale of Leven Reporter, and our own Andy Galloway on the Lennox Herald.

“Dumbarton has maybe slipped lower down just now,” said Owen “but there's no doubt they could come back again, and I think if they get the infrastructure right at the club it could continue to progress and move back up the leagues.”

He continued: “I remember everything about the place I could drive to Boghead right now and know my way about it and everything I loved about it. When you look at some of the players we had and the team I played in when Alan Moore was there and he's still a pal of mine.

“We had some terrific players and that's what Dumbarton needs again they need those young players. I loved every time I was fortunate enough to pull that Dumbarton jersey over my head and I scored a lot of goals at a very good club.

“When you put it into context, for Dumbarton to reach the Premier League then [1984-5] was remarkable,” Owen Coyle concluded.

Andy Galloway has interviewed other well-known characters from Sons’ past this year, too. Rangers boss Walter Smith recalled: “Alex Wright asked Dundee United boss Jim McLean if I could go to Dumbarton. I went there and had an enjoyable time with Alex and Davy Wilson in charge. I then returned to United but, once you have played for a club, you always feel a bit of affinity towards them.”

Meanwhile, Alexandria-born Dunfermline Athletic gaffer Jim McIntyre was a ball boy at Boghead Park when Dumbarton gained promotion to the top flight 27 years ago.

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