Saturday, 25 September 2010

It's a mugs game at SHS

The Surridge Sports selection of new Dumbarton accessories was available at the Strathclyde Homes Stadium this afternoon, though the Club seemed surprisingly reticent to let people know about what was on offer. Though Alan Findlay wielded his microphone to raise interest, there was no actual product on display inside the Community Suite, where in previous seasons goods have been available for inspection on the desk by the door. Did the other directors think we were all about to storm reception in an unseemly and uncontainable football retail frenzy? ("A shop with no shop-window wouldn't survive in the high street for too long", you might say.  But is that the kind of subversive, modish thinking we really need?)

The manufacturers are a bit coy about gauche displays of visual enticement, too, it seems. Their site has tiny pictures and no DFC masthead. Talk about hiding your light (or in this case scarf, cap, jacket, mugs and key-ring) under a bush. So in the interests of perspicacity, and to help Dumbarton fans forget our fifth defeat in seven games so far this term, I am delighted to unveil this shot of the latest mugs -- a rather stylish 'Sons of the Rock' one, and another dedicated to the home and third strips. The latter is a restyled version of the single black and gold stripe on white top that the lads wore in the early 70s - white also being the dominant colour in our only Premier Division season, 1984-5. Happy days.

As an inveterate tea drinker, I have to say that these new mugs are also rather effective caffeine delivery systems: slightly wider at the base for stability, holding a goodly half-pint of steaming chai, and with a decent, grippable handle. All that, and a good dose of moral and financial support for the Sons, too. Ideal.

To put these latest cylindrical drinking receptacles in their true historical context, I am pleased to be able to offer photographs of my entire collection so far. The earliest in my possession, I think, is the stylish thin coffee mug with gold and black logo, which I bought a good 25 years ago. Pretty venerable, also, are the orange and black logo on white tea mug, and the Boghead Park gold on black classic. That brings back the memories.

Then there's the yellow and black logo on white version, similar in style to the newest additions to the line, but smaller. This was available around 2004. Altogether, a very satisfactory little family. Out of respect, the older members have been decommissioned from routine beverage duty. Their successors will do just fine, I'm sure.

Should you want your own mugs, you can order them via the website. To save postage costs, get them at SHS next Saturday. They will, I presume, be available again as furtive under-the-counter items, carefully wrapped to avoid any inadvertent publicity, and best requested through a knowing glance to reception staff -- or a suitable eyebrow gesture between the rim of your trilby and your high collar. Ssshhh... you know who you are.


Jack Deighton said...

Actually, Simon, our strip in the Premier season was all white with gold sleeves and black trimmings.

The stripes were from earlier seasons in the 70s.

See Dumbarton historical kits.

Simon Barrow said...

Quite right, Jack. Funny how time discolours the memory! I've made the requisite amendment...