Saturday, 21 August 2010

Nothing in the Ayr tonight, sadly

Somerset Park?  Goodness, I must be back in the southwest again. Well, not exactly... more like the late 1960s, and that's not meant in a disparaging way. Measured by the standards of "the modern football experience" Ayr United's home is definitely a throwback to an earlier era, but that suits me fine. Being able to stand and wander around three sides of a terrace is an unheard of luxury these days. At least, in the places I've been living recently in Another Country. That and a good local pub lunch beforehand set me up well for the match.

The game itself it didn't exactly set the world on fire. In reality there wasn't a great deal separating the teams, other than the slip that created an unfortunate own goal for Paul Maxwell. Dumbarton had more of the possession, and thwarted the Honest Men in midfield. But we were left wondering where the breakthrough might come from - and in the end, once more, it didn't. Derek Carcary was held back as a super-sub, to the annoyance of many of the fans, and it almost (but didn't quite) pay off. A double strike from Del brought out an equally impressive double save from Ayr's Alan Main.

This is the third Sons defeat in a row as far as the league campaign is concerned. It should have been a point this afternoon, as against Livingston at home. You get the feeling that when the team gets a result there will be a turnaround, but it is needed sooner rather than later if morale is not to drag Dumbarton down further.

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