Saturday, 15 May 2010

Football's finance secrecy league

A leading global development agency (one I've had a long association with in various ways) has just published a fascinating report on financial secrecy, tax havens and offshore ownership in football - as part of an initiative to expose the way tax avoidance is keeping millions in poverty, as well as imperiling community-based football clubs. Blowing the Whistle: Time’s Up for Financial Secrecy (*.PDF Adobe Acrobat file) has been produced by Christian Aid in association with the Football Supporters’ Federation and Supporters Direct, to highlight the damage that financial secrecy can cause, and to demand urgent reform. To arrive at the Football Secrecy League, Christian Aid endeavoured to find the true owners of every club in the English, Scottish and Welsh leagues, as well as the Irish League in Northern Ireland and the League of Ireland in the Republic of Ireland.

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