Sunday, 4 April 2010

Too much spare change?

There's a good interview with Aston Villa manager Martin O'Neill - for whom I have immense admiration as a person, a professional and a 'football man' (dreaded phrase!) - in today's Observer newspaper. Among the choice quotes from interviewer and interviewee are these, concerning the time and tide of fortune amidst the madness that is 'the modern game'.

"Taking a year to do anything in football these days is strictly prohibited. The preferred delivery date is yesterday." - Paul Hayward.

"While you can have it in your own demeanour, you should not be self-deprecating to the extent that what happens is [that] people hammer the crap out of you." - Martin O'Neill.

"It would make me laugh, make me smile, if some manager came in and said he had a five-year plan for a football club. Fine, if you actually own the football club at the same time." - MH again.

And even then...


Mike Blackstone said...

Agree with you about Martin. An excellent, sensible and deep thinking manager. Like him a lot.

Jack said...

Thanks for the link to the interview Simon, really interesting. Love your blog and would really appreciate a link to my football programme website, it can be found here - Football Programmes, no Dumbarton or Exeter programmes at present but we are working on it!


Football Souvenirs said...

A great manager, it would be nice to see him at Liverpool, but I don't think it will happen.