Tuesday, 16 June 2009

A day to remember

Various commitments, combined with a distance of 360+ miles, means that I will not be able to attend the farewell for Dumbarton captain Gordon Lennon, which is taking place today. But my thoughts and prayers are most definitely with with those who do - and, of course, with Guido's family, partner, friends and young baby. Occasions like (and the funeral tomorrow) this can be very difficult and upsetting. Nothing can wipe away the tragedy of a young life snuffed out prematurely by sheer happenstance. Yet funerals are, more positively, a chance to remember, to give thanks, to resolve for life and to regain a sense of perspective on what and who really matters in the midst of the world's joyous and grievous oddnesses - including football. It will be different things for different people. Meanwhile, Robert Ryan is also galvanising a group of fans to work on a testimonial and memorial match and more. Good on ya, Rab, and all at DFC, who have handled the pain of recent days in a way truly befitting a community club.

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