Thursday, 1 January 2009

Best foot forward in 2009

Sometimes (looking at the financial farce that is the Premier League in England, for example) I wish football could be far less conformed to the craziness of the world at large... but mostly, looking at the sadness and destruction around us, it would be great if we could kick our hatreds into touch and get on with playing the game, instead. So have a festive and peaceful New Year, whoever you are!

(As a positive start, Football for Peace (F4P) is a sport-based co-existence project for Jewish and Arab children has been running in towns and villages of the Galilee region since 2001. The work of F4P builds upon the experiences of South Africa and Northern Ireland in that it seeks to make grassroots contributions to football in Israel and Palestine while at the same time making a contribution to political debates and policy development around sport in the region .)

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