Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Anything seems possible

Goodness. The dark sky is illuminated by multi-coloured flashes of light, the United States has elected its first African-American president, Bush is on fire, and Dumbarton are on a winning streak - scoring five goals on Saturday (including a Stevie Murray hat-trick). The Sons are now pushing hard for the top spot in the Third Division of the Scottish League. The sky's the limit, it seems. Who knows, I might even update this site properly with all my recent programme notes soon... if only to keep Partick Kenny happy. (OK, thanks for the Stevester, mate. He's just what we needed. And Paul Keegan is doing well with my shirt sponsorship, too.) What next? Celtic to rip a few chunks off Manchester United, maybe. That would be good: an Old Firm underdog (heh, heh!) coming good against tiresome MUFC swagger. And low and behold, they're 1-0 ahead at the moment. But watch out Fergie and Gordo, the Rock [see pic] is the up-and-coming 'theatre of dreams'! [Footnote: 1-1 at Parkhead in the end. The Bhoys did pretty well, given the sheer quality they were up against]

1 comment:

Kenny said...

The Rock is more a "Theatre of Screams" as the cold November wind howls in from the Clyde and freezes one's b****** off!