Thursday, 18 September 2008

Things must be serious

Even if you don't spend your life watching the news (as I do, frankly), you know something is afoot in the world when you go to two pubs and find that Sky Sports News has been displaced by the Financial Report. Now many would say that this happened in the English Premier League years ago. But I'm talking about people being more worried about their mortgages and jobs than the future of the diamond formation in a restructured midfield. It will be interesting to see if the banking crisis hits the billionaire clubs in the near future. If it does, you can guarantee that the disease, whatever form it takes, will be transmitted downwards. The task and gift of lower league football is to build an alternative vision of the game, and how to finance it sustainably. We shouldn't forget that as we scrabble for the next few quid to keep going. [Image: Another McFootball marketing opportunity]

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