Friday, 4 July 2008

What a strip off!

Blimey, Dumbarton's new Surridge strips have been ripped off before they have even made their way into the Club shop. Showing, no doubt, what a hot property the Mighty DFC are these days, as they prepare to take the Scottish League Third Division by storm in a few weeks time... including new boys Annan Athletic (a warm welcome lads - just to remind you of the etiquette... that's be three points a game to us, please.)

Surridge have been in touch to alert everyone that strips bearing the Sons' crest (illustrated) which recently appeared on "a well known internet auction site" (*cough*) are in fact stolen goods. The tops appeared on the site for sale earlier this week and attracted a number of bids. However the goods, which have not been listed on the company's website yet, came from a batch of strips that were stolen en-route to Glasgow, reports Alan Findlay on the DFC news page.

A spokesman from Surridge said : "The strips should not have ended up on the internet and it would be an offence to buy one of the stolen tops. The Dumbarton strips were part of a larger batch including other Scottish teams products which were stolen prior to arrival at Surridge and that the police are undertaking an investigation."

Incidentally, Annan are another team playing in yellow (or gold, you might say) and black. Indeed, their strip is very similar to a Dumbarton one of the 1960s, immortalised in the Subbuteo team that many of us still cherish in our attics...

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Kenny said...

Dear, oh dear! The cynic would say that by December they'll not be able to give them away, but not me! I'm desperate for new tops for my team, Dumbarton FC, in Brufut, The Gambia. They play in unwanted Dumbarton tops from two years ago, and I'm still hoping for some leftovers from last year to boost the washed out kit. BTW, my Dumbarton even reach cup finals!