Monday, 31 December 2007

Looking on the bright side

Football can be mean, mad, overblown and money-crazed. But it's also a joyfully meaningless passion of the kind we badly need from time-to-time; one which can make us both happier and more human. Saner even... I hope! Anyway, that's why I entitled this piece "Playing fantasy football", in spite of it referencing the dark side. But it came out from The Guardian as: A dystopian league of its own Comment-is-Free, Dec 31 07, 02:30pm: The death of a young footballer puts the big game's myopia into perspective, even if only fleetingly.

Well, indeed. I hope the couple of jokes and Dumbarton plugs (naturally) weren't entirely opaque, however.

So... Happy New Year to one and all! (But let's spare a though for Eileen O'Donnell and family at this time of appalling loss for them...)

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