Saturday, 17 November 2007

Triumph or tragedy?

When it comes to the Euro-qualifying decider between Scotland and Italy tonight, I dearly wish for the former but fear the latter in my bones. Historically, the Scots' footballing entwinement with "heroic failure" is rather too significant to ignore. In conversation with my sage friend James E. Smith, I suggested that the biggest obstacle facing Scotland was their own psychology. He replied: "Actually, Simon, the biggest obstacle facing Scotland is the Italian football team." Er, point taken. I shall miss whatever sweet agony ensues because (a) I don't have Sky Sports 1, and (b) I shall be on a train at 5pm - having also missed a home game at Exeter for the love of a good woman - to whom I am married, I should add (in case she is reading this. Which she won't be of course). 'Mon Scotland!

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